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Another view of the beautiful waiting room.


Holly Green

I am sooooo tired.  It doesn’t feel like 11:00 a.m. but it is.  I’m not sure what time if feels like.  I just know I am tired.

Aaron said it took me more than twenty minutes to fall asleep for this past nap.  I’d hardly call it a nap.  I think he let me sleep fifteen to twenty minutes-or is that even right?  He turns on the lights and the TV before he leaves the room every time he wakes me up.  Before I went to sleep, I was feeling more awake than when I first woke up. Now, I just feel groggy again.

I think there is something about having to sleep on command.  I love to sleep and I do not know how long it takes me to fall asleep normally.  Knowing someone is watching you sleep is weird, though.  I never thought I would have trouble going to sleep but I have actually found a situation that has made it hard.  Not to mention, sleeping in a strange bed.

Sunday, I felt really tired and groggy.  I missed church and slept until 2p.m.  Hopefully, we’ll find out why I feel like this, sometimes.

Aaron said I could walk around but I am so tired.  Then again, I look like a hermit.  Maybe I’ll walk around later.  I think I am pretty much worthless, today, except for my blog.  🙂  Oops, I meant useless.

The artwork and furniture in this room are breathtaking.


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