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I’m A Guest Blogger!

I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to do this and I just can’t.

I have appeared as a guest blogger for the very first time on the Global Exclaimer!

I have an article called :” Should Priests Abstain From Fleshly Lusts” as a response to an article I saw on Frater Bovious’ blog.  The address is

Go support me and visit his blog and support him at the same time, too.


Comments on: "I’m A Guest Blogger!" (2)

  1. Hi Holly!

    The second installment is posted and ready for reading and comments!

    Thanks for doing this. It’s good to have other voices. By way of explanation – I used to run a monthly tabloid (7000 circulation) but it had become too expensive a hobby. I have a day job and I couldn’t sell enough ads. So, I turned it into the blog you see, and tried to keep the flavor of a newspaper.

    Anyway, thanks again! Oh, also, by posting on my site, there is no reason you can’t post it on yours – you own the material as far as I am concerned, so feel free to do what you want with your article.

    Best Rgards,

    Frater Bovious

    • Dear “Frater”, Thanks for the kind words. I was kind of wondering what the story was behind the site. I like it. I wasn’t sure about posting the article on my blog and didn’t want to steal your thunder. i might post it on my blog. Don’t be a stranger, fellow Texan! 🙂

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