This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

Wow!  I’ve added two categories in the last day.  Andrea sent me this one this morning.  It is called “5 minute friday” and yes, it is supposed to be lower-cased (even though it is driving me insane, to look at) but it is fun to type with no English teacher standing over your shoulder.  I almost feel like I’m free to draw on the wall, or something.

Anyway, does anyone want to join me?  The rules are…5 minutes of writing…no editing…no going over!  Clicking on this photo to the left will take you to last person’s post-at least, that’s what happened when I clicked on it.  Andrea said it might take you to the post of origin–if you read at the bottom–it says thegypsymama–that is your origin.  She has prompts–and Andrea didn’t do this week’s so I think I won’t either.  However, the prompt for today is waking up.

By the way, this introduction did not count.  So…….here goes!

I’ve only been on here since Valentine’s day and I have learned so much and met so many people.  It has been really fun.  I met a guy named Brett, who lives in Tansinia, Africa.  I’ve wondered who in the world is Pumice-besides being a former teacher, I think and a war vet.  I have found two fun things to participate in–and met a really nice person named Andrea–who, I think is British–’cause she keeps saying “loves”.  I have had a friend at church join my blog–decafmama–Dee Ann.  I’ve met a nice person in Jordan–I think–who writes about the peril in the middle east.  I’ve seen EVERY religious opinion–I think–I have seen so many for and against God. Really learned a lot.  Accidentally got involved in a big argument with some angry Catholics on his or her post.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh!!!!  Time’s up.


Comments on: "So Many People…So Much Fun" (14)

  1. thanks for the shout-out in 5-minute friday. word.

  2. You’re welcome. Oops, I meant to put “really nice guy” or “the best guy” right, or what? Or I could’ve said, “this loser”. Which one do you like?

  3. Awesome Post!
    British aye??? Nope darlin’ good ole’ American of Irish decent!
    There is a bit of the Ire in me, but I was born and bread a Jersey Girl! British would have been cool though.
    I’ve met some amazing people too, and had a theological argument or two myself…but for the most part the people here and on other blog sites tend toward peaceful and respectful.
    God is good…
    You know…I’ve had a great time the last two days too. And you my dear Holly had a huge hand in that.
    Thank you!
    Sorry I didn’t get the link right! I’ll fix it so it goes to gypsymama…thanks for the heads up!

    Blessing Love ❤

  4. i prefer “loser” or “dimwitted bloke.” it sounds too cliche to say “really nice guy.” like you don’t mean it.

  5. Aww, thanks 😀 I will have to try that on Friday 😀 FYI, I spell it Deeanne 😀 hehehe

  6. So, is this something anybody’s allowed to do? I could put it on my blog as well?
    As long as we’re on questions, can you, or somebody tell me how this works? : I’ve been getting a lot of hits linked from blogs I’ve never heard of before… blogs…
    I’m glad, but how’s that happen? I’m just cuious.


    • Yes, anyone is allowed to do it. I’m not sure exactly how it works. The Thursday one, I typed on my blog and copied it onto Andrea’s comment box. I did the same thing with the Friday one but never heard back from thegypsymama. Andrea is looking for something to add to her blog to make it easier for us to get our posts to her. Andrea wants as many people as she can get to support her in the Thursday one.

      • As far as the hits, I’m still trying to understand it. Some of the referrers, I recognize as blogs I’ve been to and commented on before. A few of them are spam. I’m still trying to figure out the whole stat thing. Thanks for coming by and thanks for subscribing. I recognize you from one of the blogs I’ve been to and when I got the notice that you subcribed, it said they think you live in Herndon. If you do, that’s cool. I live in Leesburg (Lucketts). 🙂

      • I’m near Allentown PA.

      • Cool! By the way, my dad used to love that song. I know that Gettysburg is about a three hour drive from me. How much farther is Allentown?

    • Hello…
      they are trackbacks or pingbacks…if I used something from one of your posts or mentioned you on my blog I would put your blog post’s url in the ‘trackback box’ which for wordpress is a text box below where you put your actual post. I’m not sure how it’s done on other blog platforms.

      Also, WordPress…if this is your platform they now have SEO tools attached to our blogs. Like links that automatically show up for your use; pics that might match your posts, and other articles (techinically pingbacks) to blog posts and articles that have similiar topics.

      As to attaching your blog to a blog that runs a weekly “carnival” or “prompt” …you can just attach and participate!

      Have fun, hope that helped.

      • Hey! How was your vacation?
        Thanks for the info. That makes a bit more sense. So, if I type in “carnival” to my tag surfer, I will get examples of what we did on Thursday and Friday? I was wondering what they were called.

  7. curious, was what I meant to type there.

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