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In person, it is usually hard to get me to open up but once I do, I want to talk forever.  Both of my daughters have done their share of talking in their lives but I want to introduce another girl in our family who likes to talk nonstop.  Her name is Layla and she is Anna, my youngest daughter’s guinea pig.  One thing Anna has taught me in her young life is to appreciate animals.  She loves them and wants to work with them when she is grown.

When we get Layla out of her cage, she becomes very chatty and the last time we got her out, Anna started “shh”ing her and she would stop for only a second and then start back up again.  Last

night, however, when I filmed this, she stayed quiet until Anna petted her.

Listen and you can hear Anna “shh”ing Layla and her stopping her chatter until you see Anna pet her and she responds enthusiastically.  I never dreamed I would actually like a guinea pig.  I’ve never been much of an animal person.

It is kind of shaky.  My first time.  Sorry about that.


Comments on: "Fewer Words Thursday-Girls Do Like To Talk" (3)

  1. 🙂 Cool. I had a Guinea Pig…actually two, when I was a kid. George and Georgette! And they loved to talk!! When we’d get home from school everyday they would chatter until we went in and greeted them properly!

    Thank you, I had forgotten that sweet memory.


    • That’s so cute! Cute names, too. I’m not sure if the video part made it over to your site. I’m sorry I was so late in posting today. Too many problems to work out.
      Anyway, thanks for coming by.

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