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I noticed the problem with this post and hopefully have everything fixed, so you can read all of the words.  So sorry.
Holly Green
I apologize for not posting yesterday.  It was a crazy day.  I hope you will accept this a day late.

I have to talk about Merlin again because I just saw the two-part season finale.  Man, it was awesome!

If you haven’t read my last post on Merlin, it is a TV show on SyFy based on the famous legend of Merlin the Magician and Arthur of Camelot.  If you like shows set in ancient times, this one will definitely satisfy.  It has magic, secrets, sword fighting, a king, a prince, servants and people living without electricity, plumbing, running water in the infamous Camelot-one of the kingdoms that follows the idea of striving for equality.

The show is different from the legend, in that Merlin is a young man and a servant to Arthur, who is prince of Camelot because Uther is still alive and king.  Arthur and Merlin have a friendship, even though it is socially not acceptable for them to admit it to each other.  Arthur does not know that Merlin has magic because Uther is strongly against it, executing anyone who is thought to have magic in the slightest bit.  Uther is a very hard man, who is set in his ways.

Consequently, Merlin must keep his ability and great destiny a secret.  Only Gaius, his mentor and the last surviving dragon know about his destiny.  To add humor to the situation, Arthur thinks Merlin is only a bumbling idiot that fetches his sword, cleans his room and his boots, (aside from the friendship they aren’t allowed to talk about).

Gynevere is in the story, too.  She is Lady Morgana’s servant and they have sort of a friendship, until a couple of episodes ago, when Morgana arranged for Uther to find out about Arthur and Gwen’s feelings for each other.  Under Uther’s rule, they can never be together, even though she is the one who keeps him going, always encouraging him and saying how she believes he will be a great king, even greater than his father.  We know that is true, but he doesn’t.

Now that I’ve set the stage, this past episode was a doozy, with Morgana taking over the throne, with the help of Morgose, who has Uther dragged to the throne room in front of her.  He cries, “You have no right to the throne!”

“No,” Morgana says, “but I do.”

Poor Uther, he thinks she loves him and can do no wrong and she has been playing him the entire time.  What a shock!

So, Uther is put in prison and Merlin and Arthur take off into the woods.  They come back to the castle and find Gaius, and Gwen helps the only surviving knight of Uther’s to escape from prison.  The knights were killed by a army that cannot die because they have drunk from the cup of life.

Thus, the beginning of the legend, (mostly), comes together when Merlin is told to find a sword made from dragon’s breath because it is the only thing that can kill Morgose’s army.  Merlin is not normally a guy who is willing to fight, he usually uses magic to light something on fire as a distraction or cause something to fall on someone or send a group of men running for their lives.  He uses this sword, though away from Arthur’s sight, because he cannot know, yet that Merlin is a magician.

When the dragon tells Arthur about the sword, he makes him promise to not let the sword fall into evil hands because it can do much harm.  Merlin promises and another part of the legend happens, where Merlin must find a spot to put the sword where no one can take it-and-you guessed it-Merlin puts a spell on the sword and thrusts it into a large stone in the middle of nowhere.  And there we have-the sword in the stone.

One other thing happened, which is according to legend but I wanted to post a video I found on youtube that has a scene after Arthur and some men take cover in an old, abandoned castle, used by the ancient kings and Arthur sends the men to start looking for whatever provisions they can find.  He pulls back a sheet, which was covering something, and discovers one of the most valuable tools that King Arthur and his knights used to live by equality.  This scene shows his discovery and the first two things he does, even though he is not king yet.  Enjoy!


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