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To Ride or Not to Ride

Holly Green
Good morning from Walt Disney World!
We are on Spring Break with our kids and are taking them to Disney World for the first time! Steph actually went with the band a few years ago but it is our first time as a family. I haven’t been since 1990.
We just rode Pirates of the Carribean boat ride that was really cool and dark. There was a little drop but it wasn’t too bad for me. I hate roller coasters!
We are currently in line for Splash Mountain and Steph is telling me that it won’t scare me. I really hesitate to ride this ride. What do you think?

Rode it a little while ago. Really wish I didn’t but now I know and so do my kids. I was brave through it, though.

Anyway, we had lunch at the Tortuga restaurant-yummy nachos. And then, we had fudge! Oh man!
We saw a celebration parade so we could “celebrate the dream inside of you”. We are now in line for the haunted mansion, which Steph assures me is just straight and just things jumping out at you. Awesome!


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