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Holly Green
Well, this is my first post for the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon. It has been a crazy day and I saw that a couple of you have left a comment for me. I saw it and I will have to respond to it in the morning because I should be better able to do it when I’m not so tired. I hope that’s OK.

So how was y’all’s weekend? Did you have fun? Did you get to rest? Did you work all weekend? Whatever you did, I hope it was nice, overall.

I have been to church 3 times in the last 2 days and I have so many classes and sermons in my head, it is spinning. It is very tiring to do that but I always am so glad I did. I am so uplifted after seeing other Christians and spending time with them. There is nothing else like it.

Our preacher held a gospel meeting at a congregation we used to go to in Centreville, Virginia. We attended for about four or five years before we joined a little group, who was just getting started in Ashburn, Virginia. One of the couples who was starting it knew us already from Texas, when our first child was a baby. Ashburn is a lot closer to our house than Centreville and after much praying and discussing, we decided to join them in Ashburn.

Until last summer, we did not have a regular preacher and different members of the congregation would get up and do the lesson. I think we hired Phillip Mullins in July, maybe. We still visit Centreville every first Sunday night of the month because they have a teen class afterward at their preacher’s house. Every time we went, people would ask us how we liked the new congregation and our new preacher. I always had nothing but good things to say about it and Phillip. I would wish that they could hear him speak so they could know how good he is.

My wish came true because this weekend, they had a gospel meeting, with Phillip doing the speaking. After the first night, one of my friends from Centreville called me and said, “I love your preacher! Now I know why you love him. He is so good!”

Do you ever hear something or see something and wish you could share it with someone? My old congregation got to hear five lessons from him over the whole weekend. Tonight, we were there for his last lesson and for the teen class after, and Phillip was praising Centreville and thanking them for all of their encouragement. I got teary. I had a mix of emotions going through me. First, I was glad that Philip got to know some of the members of my old congregation and it meant a lot to me that he had such good things to say about them. Second, I was proud of them because these people still mean a lot to me. They took us in when we moved to Virginia and I had never lived so far from Texas except one year at Florida College. This seemed different, though.

Anyway, I also was proud of Phillip because by the things he was saying about them, I could tell that they really enjoyed his lessons and got a lot out of them. I sort of had the best of both worlds in one building. You know?

This makes me think about heaven because one day, we will all be in one location and everyone from all the congregations I have attended will be able to meet each other. It is a good thing we will be there for eternity because it is going to take a loooooooooong time for me to introduce everybody at the congregation I currently attend to everybody else. Then will be the introductions of all of the family. And then, I will want to meet all of my ancestors, (at least the ones who are there. My mom’s side comes from the #2 feud under the Hatfields and McCoys, so I don’t think some of them will be there.) 🙂

Then will be everyone in history who is there, who was not too corrupted by power and let it ruin them. I will want to meet all of them. Finally, all of the people in the Bible that I have ever wanted to meet. I will have to talk to them. I once told someone at Centreville that Joseph would be the first one I would want to talk to-you know, the one who was sold into slavery and eventually became the king’s right hand man and keeping his brothers from starving. He told me to get in line. It had never occurred to me that other people would want to talk to him, too. This might be a mighty long line!

We only visited twice and listened to two of Phillip’s lessons but they were very good and I took notes, and I am intending to do a few posts on them during the week. After all, I will be posting every day this week. Aren’t y’all lucky? 🙂


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