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Holly Green
Day 3– I’m on day 3 of the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon and I have something to talk about today because I have a problem. It’s not a life-threatening problem-just something that is annoying me-or should I be happy?

Yesterday, I was on my dashboard and saw that I had a new subscriber. Awesome-I thought. I went to my email and saw the message. Yay!! I want to see who subscribed to my blog. When I opened the email message-it was me. What?

I must have hit the button to subscribe. So I have a question. Why in the world do I have the option to subscribe to my own blog? I always thought it was funny when

I saw the “You are the author of this blog” and underneath or above, “subscribe to this blog”. I was actually planning to do a silly post with this question. I didn’t know that I would be stuck with this problem-if you want to call it a problem.

I hit the unsubscribe button, but somehow, knew it would not work, since it usually doesn’t. You usually have to kill an animal sacrifice and bring it to the altar in order to be unsubscribed. Once they have you, they have you.

So, can someone please help me? I want to unsubscribe to my blog because every time I post something, I get an email letting me know. Well, I already know-I posted it myself.

So, how do I really unsubscribe to my blog?

You know, I almost wish this was a theme day where you had to use a certain word so many times because I have used the word “subscribe” in this post a lot, today.

Thank you for your help.


Comments on: "Why Do I Have The Option To Subscribe To My Own Blog?" (4)

  1. Holly, I went ahead and subscribed to my blog also, pretty much as a self-affirmation. OK, just kidding, Actually I did it because I wanted to be emailed when someone commented – but it may be that is an automatic thing.

    I don’t know if that makes any sense – but there you have it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I get an email when someone comments. I don’t need a subscription for that.
    That’s interesting, though.

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