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Holly Green
Day 4 of the Wordcount Blogathoon for 2011. Today is a theme day of several days for the blogathon. The first theme “My Top 5 Favorite Books On…”, and you fill in the blank. I have two different kinds of books in my room, right now so, I am going to do “My Top 5 Favorite Books On My Nightstand”.

5. 2011 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market by Alice Pope Product DetailsIf you have not bought or gone to the library to look inside this book and you are aspiring writer, you should. It has articles from experts on specific aspects on writing. It lists magazines, websites, book publishers, etc.that are publishing material. Each publisher lists what they are looking for so you can see what kinds of things they publish. They also have categories listed, where you can go to the type of writing you do and look up all of the publishers, who publish under that category. This book is full of information on how to get published and who is looking for what.

4. Writer’s Guide To 2011 by Susan M. Tierney Product DetailsThis book was sent to me through the writing school I was attending, Long Ridge Writer’s Group. It does not have lists of publishers but authors and other writers talking about what’s hot for 2011, how certain markets have changed, publishers who are no longer in business and how to look at writing as a business. I got a lot out of this book.

3. Writing For Story by Jon Franklin Product DetailsI loved this book. It was also sent to me through the school. I did not mind having to read this for school. This book was well-written and easy to read. I almost felt like he was talking straight to me. Each chapter breaks down the steps of writing a story from the outline or idea to the final product.

2. Jack The Ripper: The Casebook by Richard Jones Product DetailsThis is not the website,, this is a separate book. Those of you who have seen my blog have seen facts that I have posted about Jack the Ripper and you know that I have done research on him. Last Friday, I posted a fact about Whitechapel from his time and I pulled it out of this book. It has several pages of information on London and the way life was lived in the area. It also talks about each victim and the police officers who worked on the case. The author also talks about several of the suspects and their likelihood of committing the crimes. If you are fascinated by the case and want to look at evidence, letters, pictures, this book is for you. It has copies of the original letters written by the Ripper, letters between police officers, posters hung all over Whitechapel-all that you can pull out and look over-totally cool!

1.Prisoner 1167: The Madman Who Was Jack The Ripper by Dr. James Tully Product DetailsThis book is out of print and you have to order it but after seeing the TV show last summer, Jack The Ripper In America, I went online and read about this suspect. And then, I was hooked. It reeled me right in, partly because when I read the timeline on this man, he reminded me of a boyfriend, who was a little crazy and tried to hurt my uterus, once. Anyway, I believe this man was Jack the Ripper and it is a fascinating read! Whether or not you believe this man was the Ripper, his life was very interesting, in itself. In 1888, he escaped from Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum for the Criminally Insane-now called Broadmoor Hospital-and was on the run until he evidently returned on his own in 1927 half-starved and footsore, wanting to get all of it off of his chest. His health was failing and he wanted to live out his last days among friends and Broadmoor was the only place he felt he could do that.

One thing that is really strange is the problems the author had getting a look at James Kelly’s files. Ultimately, they are closed to the public until the year 2030 but he was promised access to them, only to have them not ready when he came for his appointment and when the files were finally brought to him, 19 files had been destroyed, despite the big sticker on the front of the file reading, “Must never be destroyed”. You gotta ask why. Broadmoor was also contacted after the most gruesome, Mary Kelly murder and the author asks why. As far as I know, he was never told. Broadmoor and the Home Office are hiding something.

Consequently, this is my list of the top 5 books I have enjoyed over the past year. What is your list? What type of books do you read? What do you like to learn about or what type of imaginary world do you love to go into for just a little while until you close the book? Send me your top 5 books.

By the way, I have something coming up in a few days that I can’t wait to share with you. It’s gonna be awesome! All I’m going to say is…if you ever enjoyed watching Unsolved Mysteries on TV, you’re going to love this post. I’m still getting it ready and I need to get past Fewer Words Thursday and 5 minute friday.


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  1. So, do you think it could be that the reason they’re hiding something is that Jack was actually someone of prominence?

    • I’m not sure. Thanks for the comment. I think they are hiding something on James Kelly because he was the one. The fact that the author had trouble getting the files on James Kelly makes it look like he was the Ripper. I don’t know why they would destroy files on him unless there’s some proof they didn’t want him to see. There’s just something really weird about that.

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