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 Day 5 of the 2011 Wordcount blogathon and I am still going strong.  If not for the themes of today and tomorrow, I might be doing some searching to figure out what to blog about today.

Anyway, today is Thursday and it is time for “Let My Words Be Few…Thursday”.  I have joined a sweet woman named Andrea for this effort.  Her blog address is  Over the past couple of weeks, I have forgotten to mention the rules and I apologize for that.

So, if you would, join us and put your contribution to this fun feat in my comments box and I will include it.  I have included the rules in Andrea’s words:

“Getting a profound message to the reader in the least possible words…

…I have not mastered this! :) So there is no wordcount limit, except to try and stay within the 500 words they say ablog post should be to hold the reader…Most times I miss the mark…so write my loves and join me…please!

Just leave the URL link for your post and I will update the current Few Words Post to add your link for the readers to follow!

It would be awesome, too, if you would go and read those who join us and show them some love on their blogs! If you don’t have a blog…leave your piece right in the comments and we will all check back for you!”

In our Philemon class on Wednesday night, we did lesson 9-Paul’s Imprisonments. Did you know that the apostle Paul wrote books of the NT while in prison?  Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, and Philemon were all written by him during his various imprisonments.  And we think we have problems.

We do have our persecutions today, whether they be physical illness, injuries, the mean guy at work, the mean guy on the bus, our unfaithful spouse, etc.  Today, we might lose our job over something we stand for as a Christian and we suffer.  At least we know that we are doing what is right.  As a friend in class last night said, “We have the integrity of knowing we did the right thing.”

We do suffer today but in different ways.  How did Paul deal with this?  He kept his faith, so that by the end of his life, in II Timothy 4:7, he could say with confidence, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.”

I am sure it would have been easy for Paul to throw in the towel and live how he wanted but he continued his work in the gospel.  He surprisingly maintained a good and humble attitude throughout his imprisonments.  He could have become bitter or harsh toward people in general.  Instead, he used them to preach, teach, write and receive visitors.  I know in my life, I have fought off the urge to become bitter and if I was in prison, I may have refused visitors but if I did receive visitors, I would have been so harsh that they probably would have left on their own, never to return because of the way I treated them.

This tends to make us feel like these apostles are “superhuman”, as another friend said last night but we can see that Paul is emotionally beaten down by the end of his life.  II Timothy 4-in this chapter, we see a tired, beaten down man in contrast to Philemon, toward the beginning of his imprisonments.  I never noticed this until last night!

The apostle Paul and his many trials reminds me that we really do have it good, compared to the Christians back then.  He also makes me feel like I am not alone this walk.  I have some great men and women in my company, even if they are long dead.


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