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Philemon Lesson 6

Did you know that some of the people mentioned in Philemon are mentioned elsewhere in the Bible?  In class, we talked about these people what Paul says about them in various parts of the New Testament:

*Archippus Colossians 4:17
*Epaphras Col. 1:7-as you learned it from him vs 8-he informed us of your love in the Spirit
4:12-sends u his greetings, laboring for u in his prayers
4:13-he has a deep concern for u and those in Laodicea and hierapolis
*Mark-II Tim. 4-pick up Mark, he is useful to me
I Peter 5:13-my son Mark-greets
Acts 15-Barnabas wanted to take Mark, Paul disagreed & they separated. Barn. took Mark, Paul took Silas
*Aristarchus -Acts 20:4-went with Paul thru Macedonia instead of Syria when plot formed
Acts 27-went with Paul to Asia, a Macedonian of Thessalonica
Acts 19-in Ephesus dragged to theater with Gaius
Col. 4:10-fellow prisoner sent greetings
*Demas Col.4 -greetings
II Tim 2-loved world deserted me
*Luke Col. 4:14-greetings
II Tim. 4:11- only Luke is with me
*Timothy-I Tim., II Tim., Acts 16-traveling with Paul, Phil.2:19-23
-Paul needed co-workers
-There was a need for different co-workers at different times
-Paul had influence with people because he had invested in them
Philip said investing in people is: Like a bank account-the more you invest in them, the more they will invest in you when you need them.

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