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Weird Dream

By: Holly Green

Do you ever have weird dreams?  I mean, I know that we all have weird dreams.  The logic part of our brain is turned off while we are dreaming, which explains some of our weird dreams but do you ever have dreams that you feel like mean something?  Does everybody, or just certain people?  My mom’s side of the family goes back many generations with people having weird dreams.  She even told me of one ancestor, who dreamed of her husband’s death and even how he was going to die.

My kids have weird dreams, my older one not as many as my younger, who dreams of numbers.  She’s almost thirteen but for several years has had dreams dealing with the number seven, I believe and the higher the number, the closer the person is to her that dies soon after; like when my mother-in-law died, she dreamed of 7 million people dying in a drought.  If she dreams of 700 people dying in a drought or famine, she knows that the person, who is about to die is not so close to her.  Weird, huh?

My grandparents have been dead since 2001-my grandfather and my grandmother two years later in 2003.  I do not dream about them often but when I do, I think it usually means something.  I have dreamed about my grandfather dying on the back porch and nobody being able to get to him but I think that stems from my guilt of not being there when he died of blood poisoning.  My grandparents lived in Fort Worth, thirty minutes from my house and any time either of them was in the hospital, I dropped everything and went but that’s just me.  When my grandfather got a bladder infection, which spread to this bloodstream, and he had a fever of 104 degrees, I had moved to the Houston area and my dad told me that he was dying and not to come until he was dead.

“Trust me, you don’t want to see this,” my dad told me.

So last night, I dreamed that my grandmother was stealing teaching supplies to use to teach high school kids, who could not speak English.  She was trying to justify it by using the Robin Hood-policy.  I could not believe what I was hearing when she told me and asked her to tell me again because I thought I heard the wrong word-certainly not “steal”.  I know you have never met my grandmother, but she was a Christian woman, who would never steal from anyone.  She also was not a woman, who spoke any languages but English.  Moreover, she was not a teacher, by vocation; she was like an accountant of some sort, using a comptometer, which she showed me once.

So, why in the world would I dream that my grandmother is stealing from the rich to teach poor kids, who cannot speak English and on top of that, trying to justify it?  Usually, I have an idea of where my dreams come from but I am stumped on this.

Anyone have any ideas?  What do you do when you can’t figure out your dreams?



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