This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

Day 25 of the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon and I have barely slid a few posts in after 11 p.m. but I got them in before midnight.  I think that still counts.  I have been successful, so far in posting every day but have to admit a failure of mine.  We had a gospel meeting this past weekend and I kept trying to copy the ad on the reminder email I received, but every time I tried to paste it onto a blog post, it would not work.  I kept holding out until I could get it right an chose not to just type it out, myself.  I should have just typed it out so I could let anyone who is in the Washington, D.C. area know about it before it was over.  Anyway, I apologize, I had a way to communicate this meeting and failed to do so.

Bob Harkrider was preaching our meeting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and he is special to us because he helped us start our little congregation four years ago.  My family joined a year, maybe two ago and he was still coming to spend several months at a time with us.  He is a great man, up in age and very wise.  I love the way he speaks, like he knows the Bible like the back of his hand and comes across in a humble, friendly manner.

I have been given another chance to share this meeting with you because I noticed that some files were added to my drop box folder and decided to check it, thinking it was an update from a video game I have volunteered to help write after they get everything else done.  Lo and behold, it was files from our congregation’s drop box folder and Bob Harkrider’s lessons are on it.

I have added the first lesson, “When God Tests Our Sincerity”, taken from Jeremiah, when some men ask Jeremiah, the prophet, to ask God what he wants them to do and they will oblige, whatever it is.  When Jeremiah tells them the message from God, they say in our modern language, “That’s not what we thought you were going to say.  You’re lying!”

They say this to Jeremiah because they do not like the answer and therefore, accuse him of lying and want to hurt him.  So the message is, are we really willing to do what God wants or if it is not what we thought it was going to be, do we refuse to do it or try to change it in some way?

At the beginning, you hear Brother Harkrider stop for a second because he picked up Phillip’s  Bible instead of his.  A couple of minutes later, the computer that he was projecting his lesson from messes up.  We had a couple of laughs and then things run smoothly.

Lesson 1 – When God Tests Our Sincerity:

\”When God Tests Our Sincerity by Bob Harkrider\”

Click on the link to download the sermon


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