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By:  Holly Green

It’s that time again where I join Andrea on her quest for fewer words in her posts and we invite all of you to link up your post to hers by clicking on the photo.   With as few words as possible, and still making sense, give us a positive message; one of praise.  Here is mine:

Last night, we had our last class on Philemon.  I could not really take notes on it but I did copy down something he said that we talked about during class.  Phillip said that the more we live our lives as we should the more we are blessed and the more we are aware of our blessings.  We always appreciate something after we lose it, not having payed much attention to it before; nevertheless, have you looked around at all of your blessings?  I want you to include spiritual blessings, too.  Sometimes we think of a new house or car as a blessing but we do not always receive material blessings.

I am talking about grace (unmerited favor), forgiveness of sins, Jesus having died for us, the ability to come to Him in prayer, God revealing His word to us, (think where we would be without it), a just and fair God, a good congregation to attend, a new friend, the beautiful world around us, solutions to our problems, a new job, and not to mention the fact that wherever you go-on vacation, business, moving-when you visit a congregation you will meet someone who knows someone that you know.  I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me.  We will always find others “of like precious faith”.  2 Peter 1:1

What kind of spiritual blessings can you think of?  I have only named a few.

Comments on: "Fewer Words Thursday-Blessings" (5)

    Blessings Love ♥

    • If you’re referring to it’s being short, I ran into some luck. I had trouble figuring out what to say. 🙂
      Thanks, though.

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  3. NO! The content was outstanding! 🙂 …and it was short, too.

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