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Holly Green
I normally don’t do a lot of posts in one day but since I had a post about Anna, I figured it was only fair to do one about Steph.

I haven’t said a lot about my kids, so I’ll tell you a little about Steph. She is a Senior in high school and plans to major in music in college. She started out playing Alto Sax in middle school and the sounds that came from her room-Mercy! You’d think something died in there. Of course we didn’t tell her that. Once she got to

high school, she was much better and wanted to play in the Jazz Band. Her band director asked her to try the Tenor Sax because he needed more of those in the Jazz Band. She took to it immediately and plays it much better than she ever did the Alto.

At the band concert the other night, the band director arranged for 3 Seniors to have a feature-which means they stand in front of the band and play the melody while the rest of the band plays in the background. Steph got to do one of the features and I was trying to figure out if I was going to post this-it made me cry but just because I’m mom and I realized she’s graduating soon. The next day, though, she told me that the guy that sits next to her in Jazz Band told her that he did not know she could play that well and that some of her friends told her that it made their parents cry-not because it was bad-because it was so beautiful. I decided right then and there to publish this, so here goes-give it up for Stephanie Green on the Tenor Sax!


Comments on: "Stephanie’s Feature On Tenor Saxophone" (4)

  1. Congratulations to you, and to Steph, from…guess what? A music teacher! I’m so happy to hear that she’s going to be a music major!

    • Thank you! I was thinking that I read that you were a music teacher. That’s so cool! Stephanie was excited, too. Thanks for watching. I was thinking of posting a Jazz Feature she had that night, too.

  2. Has she picked a school yet?

    • She has. She is going to a Christian college in Florida. She applied at George Mason and University at North Texas-school of Music but was not accepted at either.

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