This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

A persn’s teenage years are unique. There were times when people married at 13-they went from childhd to adulthd.

Deut. 6-“teach the law to a child”, Eph. 6-talks about raising children. It is a partnership.

Myths to push aside:

*Teenagers are impossible to understand

*Teenagers are impossible to handle-going to sow their “wild oats”

*I’m the last one my teenagers will listen to

*My kid would never do that

*All teenagers are…generalizing)

Proverbs-writer and recipient

1:4, 8-10-King of Israel, wisest man, writing as a father so the son can learn from him

vs 11-15-robbing someone, hanging out with the wrong crowd

2:6-seductress, adultress

22:6-train up a child

God’s Plan

3:1; 4:1-2; 5:1; 6:20-22-Both parents and their kids

As children reach adulthood, they are t make independent decisions with the guidance of their parents’ previous instructoins and continuing advice. Wisdom is more valuable than a check. Parents tend to wash their hands of their kids when they graduate or they refuse to give their kids independence.


2:1-13 If…then) one of the ways God gets His wisdom into us is through parents. If you want to be wise-listen to your parents

*Message to parents

Wean them off of completely relying on you. You’ve got to make the transition of controlling them to becoming the “chief counselor”

* Message to teens and young adults

You are an independent person with your own will. If you listen to your parents-you do not give up your independence. If you listen, you show wisdom. It is a sign of maturity. If not, selfish and rebellious. Remember this pattern with your parents-tell, talk, listen

*Message to preteens-No matter how smart you think you are-your parents are smarter. If you really want to be grown-up ask advice.

Proverbs teaches about parenting

*Address them in adult-like fashion 1:7-8

*Continue to teach and train-it is as needed as ever 1:8-

Control and command to persuade and advise

*The appeal should be wise living 3:13-18

Wisdom from God will make you rich, learn to love wisdom and pursue it always. Train your child so they can make it without you. Give them previews of coming attractions 3:1-12

It’s not about what family thinks, the Church thinks, it’s what God thinks. He gave your children to you. Give them back to Him. Don’t see it as a loss-a gain. Watch carefully the company they keep. Teens can chose the wrong crowd or get pulled down by crowd. Self-image is a heightened thing. You need to know their social circle.

*Prvide spiritually positive social environments.

27:17 When in college-most crucial-make sure you find a god church.

*Use straight talk abut the harsh realities of life, of moral choices.

By definition-your soul is on a bubble.


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