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5 minute friday-wonder

I apologize for the late publishing of this post. I wrote it and forgot to publish it. My mom’s been in the hospital for the past several days and I have been a mess. I will publish a Javk the Ripper fact also. Again, I’m sorry.
It’s Friday and you know what that means. Once again, it’s time for 5 minute friday. Write for 5 minutes-no stopping, no editing, no worrying. Just write. Today’s prompt is:(drumroll) wonder.
The whole world around me leaves me in wonder. The trees, the green grass, the beautiful sky. The seasons show your mighty works. They come without fail. The clean, white snow that falls in the winter, the many colored leaves in the fall, how everything springs to life in the spring, the wonderful sunshine in my favorite season, summer.
I am in awe of all of the inventions your creations have made:I can fly in an airplane and be across the US in a few hours, I can communicate with people all across the world, I can turn a knob and have a wonderful hot bath.
Now, give me your best. What can you come up with in 5 minutes?


Comments on: "5 minute friday-wonder" (2)

  1. I hope your Mom is ok Holly! I’m glad you’re hitting the blog…possibly you need something else to think about. Take a look a mine today…we definitely think along the same lines!

  2. My mom is out of the hospital. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll take a look.

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