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You Can Start Over

These are notes I took from Phillip’s lesson.
Life is not like a white board or making a movie-where you can shoot scenes again if it is not right.
2 Cor. 5.14-21-Paul says God has immeasurable love for us, sent His Son as payment for us-making us a “new creation”.
Kind of like criminals can be put in the Witness Protection Program.
vs 18-21-God wanted to be close to us-problem, our sin stood in the way-dilemma of the whole Bible–so, God made Christ carrier of our sins-God no longer holds our sins against us in Christ-like a bill with no balance.
Through Christ, we can be reconciled to God.
Did you know the soldiers at Gettysburg had a reunion 50 yrs. later-meetings, meals, reenactment-same soldiers who fought in the battle but with no weapons-instead of shooting, they embraced.
We all need to be reconciled with God-the love of God is the mightiest force. The only thing is if you want to do it.

How you can start over:
1) set new goals in Christ 2 Cor. 5:14-15-“…live no longer for themselves but for Him”-values change
2) see people differently-vs 16-17-“regard no one according to flesh; old things have passed away-a new creation…”
You have a new relationship with your past.
3) move on from bad experiences-with Christ’s help, from how you think and feel toward people. Other people may have wronged you in the past but don’t let them destroy you. It really is about you and God.

You can start over:
People have a hard time accepting change in us but God doesn’t. It takes time for them but from the 1st day, God will let you be a new person.
John 3:16-“…born again…”
1 John 2-“may not sin, if, we have an advocate…”


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