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Hello kiddies!  It’s time for Fewer Words Thursday and you can join Andrea and I in this collaboration and include your post.  Just click on the pretty picture and you can read the few rules for this task.

  The prompt is: Self Reliance-feel free to write your heart away on that subject.  Today, I want to finish what I started on the 4th.  I have some pictures from that night and a small video from the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen.

The kids were in Texas, living it up with my parents, Terry’s dad, my brother and his family, and Terry’s brothers.  Needless to say, they had plenty to do and eat!  

They got to go to a Texas Ranger game and I was s jealous-after they went to the Wrld Series last season.  I’d love t see them play.  The kids and my dad also saw NOLAN RYAN in a restaurant!  Ahhhhhhhh!   I would have loved to see him in person.  They didn’t speak to him since he put his head down when they passed his table.  They got the point.

Terry and I had a lot of fun while the kids were gone.  I’m ready for the kids to move out.  It was so fun being just me and Terry and we could go anywhere we wanted whenever we wanted.

I did have to take care of the guinea pigs while they were gone and several times had to get help frm Terry chasing Layla around the cage to put her back in and no, I didn’t get that on video.  I need my dignity.  🙂

On the 4th, Terry and I went to Washingtn, D.C. to see the fireworks and we have never been to see them in D.C. so it was fun to experience that for the first time.  Being in the Nation’s Capitol, we were surrounded by police, one officer with an M-16-not scary, and a helicopter kept flying overhead.  Then again, that’s part of living in this area.  You sort of get used t it.

Here are my pictures from the other night.

Living in this area, it's amazing what you're not allowed to show on camera but this is what I was allowed to show. These two guys helped us find the perfect spot to see the fireworks.

These poeple came up with a good idea to stay busy while waiting for the fireworks.These people played cards while waiting.

The beautiful Washington Monument, where the fireworks could be seen, or as the kids like to call it, the big pencil.

The huge track at the Metro station. Since so many streets were closed, we decided to take the Metro into town.

If you look in the backgrund, The White House can be seen across that street.

Me, waiting for the fireworks to start.


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  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Erik thought about taking us to DC for the fireworks, but we just opted for Manassas 🙂

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