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Holly Green
If you saw the video of the Gettysburg soldiers that I posted recently, did you notice how they were all thin, some of them looking a little too thin? We have more of a weight problem in this country than ever before.
Our grandparents did not seem to have as much of a problem with their weight but a lot of them grew their own food. They also had a lot more to do around the house.
Denise Austin said that her parents’ generation burned 500 more calories than her generation. They had no dishwashers, washing machines, remote controls, computers. They often made their own clothes, washed their clothes by hand, washed their dishes by hand, planted their crops and harvested their crops before preparing it for cooking. They usually had enough food that they had to take time to pack it up and put it in a freezer. No wonder these people were so skinny!
My grandmother grew up on a farm and picked cotton, learning to work hard all day. Her mother made their clothes and taught her to make her own clothes. When I was a kid, she made some of my clothes.
She and my grandfather had a large garden and they were out there every morning working in it.


Comments on: "My Grandmother Grew Up On A Farm" (2)

  1. Great post! Makes me want to get off my butt! Harder work, and yet those were simpler times. Gotta start simPlifying my life. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Good for you! Thanks for reading. They were simpler times. It does make you feel kind of lazy to think how they lived.

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