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Holly Green

I have a friend, whose husband accidentally took their teenage daughter’s door off of it’s hinges. They were having an argument and he told her to open her door. When she said, “No,” he forced the door open. That’s all he meant to do but he did it a little too hard and the door came off. Paige had no bedroom door. What’s terrible about this is the fact that teenagers need their privacy and she had none at this point. They put up a sheet to cover the door way but it wasn’t the same. Then, they were having trouble finding the right size hinges to fit the door, all the while, Paige dealing without what a teenage girl needs most.
I read a quote in a book once that told a story about a woman who came over to her friend’s house and her daughter had no bedroom door. When she asked her friend why, she replied, “I told her if she slammed that door one more time, I would take it off it’s hinges.”. And she did.
Paige has a door now and everything is fine. Paige seems fine, too. I do have to laugh when I think about it, though. In the future, she is going to be 25 and in therapy. I can just see it now:
“And when I was 13, my dad took off my bedroom door and I had no door for a year!” Sob, sob.
In all seriousness, I think she will be fine. 🙂
Who needs doors, anyway?


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