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5 minute friday-Still

Welcome to Friday! We made it. Now, it is time to join the gypsy mama in her writing prompt called 5 minute friday. If you have not heard of this prompt, click on the button and you can read her few rules to writing for 5 minutes without stopping or editing or worrying. Just write. It’s time for me to set the timer and go. Today’s prompt is…Still
I still like to watch cartoons, sometimes. I still love pb&j’s. I still am not totally sure what God’s plan for me is but I am still faithful and am still growing in knowledge and faith.
I still let my imagination take off if I don’t like my situation. It has gotten me through a lot of things.
I still love summer, the sun, the heat, the water.
I still struggle with my past. I still cannot get over things that happened back then but I am making progress. I hope yo come to terms with it soon.
I still want to go to heaven when I die but am starting to wonder if I am on that path. Do I need to put the past behind me, first?


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  1. Seems to me you’re on the right path. The whole reason Jesus came was BECAUSE we mess up…all of us. Just because we can’t forgive ourselves doesn’t mean He can’t. He does, and He’ll teach us how to do it for ourselves. But like everything else, it’s a process. Takes time. :0)

  2. Thanks. I still need to accept the path I have been given. I still want to struggle against it. I think my husband it being affected. 😦
    Anyway, thanks to the encouragement.

  3. Isn’t it fun to sit in jammies and watch cartoons! I don’t think any of us truly know 100% what God wants us to do with our lives. We must go on faith, accept when we have messed up, ask for forgiveness, accept God’s forgiveness and forgive ourselves. God never leaves us or forsakes us, He will let you know when you are on the right path, and when you’re not. Pray, pray, pray…and I will pray for you as well. Have a completely,awesomely, beautiful day!

    • Thank you. Thanks for reading. Come back any time.
      Thanks for praying. I should pray-I’m just glad the Holy Spirit intervenes when we don’t know what to say.

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