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Holly Green
If you had kids that were small in the ’90s, or grandkids that were small, or you just liked to watch kids’ shows, you might remember a show called, “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”
It was a game show with questions on geography and if you answered enough questions right, you found Carmen Sandiego and put her in jail for all the things she stole during her travels.
If you remember that show, you might remember Rockapella, the group that did the theme song for the show and said things like, “You’re welcome,” in A Capella-no instruments, just singing.
If you don’t remember Rockapella, you might remember them from a Folger’s commercial they did maybe about 10 years ago-it follows them from waking up in their apartments to singing in the street, which is how they were discovered, like this:

I read a post recently on a blog about LeVar Burton and when I went to the video link, I saw “Carmen Sandiego” on the page and watched some of their videos, bringing back good memories of when the kids were young. I went to their website and did you know that they have albums out? Who would have thunk? (I’m kidding, Roberta.)
I may have to get some. I have also found myself playing the Folger’s commercial just to hear the music. The following video had a drum solo with one of the members doing the sounds with his mouth. Truly weird and amazing! He said in an interview that he used to make sounds with his brother when they were kids and do shows. Now he makes money making those sounds with his mouth. So, to all you parents out there, who have kids that constantly make sounds for everything, maybe there’s an opportunity out there for them. 🙂


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  1. Bobby McFerrin.

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