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Countdown To College

Holly Green
My oldest daughter, Stephanie, is leaving home to go to college in Florida. I have not been dealing with this as I should because I didn’t think I could handle it but we are now 10 days away from getting in the car and driving to Florida.
I have to start dealing with this now, so I thought I would post a little each day until the big day. I am asking for your support because I do not think I can deal with this, myself. Note, this is coming from someone who hates asking for help, so you know I’m desperate.



Comments on: "Countdown To College" (2)

  1. It’s just the beginning of a new phase of life, Holly. You dealt with it when she went to Kindergarten, Middle school and High school, and you’ll do just fine with it now. We raise them to be independent, and this is one more step in the process. You’ll see….this will not be as hard as you think!

  2. Aww, thanks but this seems so much harder than kindergarten. Thanks for the encouragement, though.

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