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Holly Green
Well, here I am at day 2 of countdown to college and am 9 days away from driving Steph to Florida and coming home without her.
We had words again last night. We have been clashing since she graduated. I know it is because of the heightened emotions flowing between us and Terry told me that I have been more on edge lately. Well, of course I’m on edge right now.
Last night, we discussed what needs to be done before she leaves and it makes me feel better. Isn’t that how women are wired, anyway? We get busy on tasks that save our sanity. We feel like as long as we stay busy, we’ll be OK. I don’t know how many women I have seen on tv, who’s child died and they are taking part in the investigation.
I am not comparing this to a death. I hesitate to do that since I know people have lost kids. I am just saying we get busy in a difficult time, sometimes as a way of coping.
Steph went to work today and I started going through her clothes to wash for her to pack. I cleaned other parts of the top floor, where the kids’ rooms are and did OK.
Yeah for me!



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