This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.


It’s Thursday and you know what that means-it’s time to join a woman named Andrea Hutchinson, who I came to know on word press and can call a friend. Anyone can join in as long as you don’t have a criminal record. 🙂
Andrea created this fun prompt with very few rules. You can click on the pretty picture and hopefully read her short list of laid-back rules.

All right, here we go. I sometimes combine categories, like today, since I am doing a countdown to the day Steph leaves us and don’t want to abandon Andrea I’m killing two birds with one stone, (and not for real).
So if you want to join us, just add your post to her comments under her post for today. And…today’s prompt is…LIGHT…in as few words as possible.
Well, I took the plunge today and did something that has intimidated me for a long time. I joined Facebook and put my blog on it, so when people come to my page, they will see my blog. I’m hoping to gain more traffic and enlightenment as I go. If I had not had my daughter, Anna, to help me, I would have been in the dark. I’m still in the dark about a lot of it.
This is also Day 4 of my Countdown To College and we are a week away from driving Steph off into the sunset. (Sniff, sniff). It’s been hard to deal with but some friends have enlightened me on the good things about it. Someone even told me last night, at church that when she comes home to visit I will be,
“Great, you’re home! Now go back.”
At this point, I cannot see myself saying that but am appreciating people shedding positive light on this.
Why do I feel like she’s dying? I trust God to take care of her and I trust her to keep “walking in the light” as the scripture says. I’m just afraid I am going to be so sad I can’t stand it.
Both of my kids are growing up and I can’t stop it. Our preacher did a lesson a few months back on kids growing up and how God gave them to us and eventually, we have to give them back. But that is SO HARD!!!
I can only ask God to shine His light on me and help me through it.


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