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Countdown To College Day 7

I have been doing a countdown to the day my daughter, Stephanie goes to college. We are driving her to Florida on Thursday and I am trying to ready myself so maybe I won’t explode when we leave her.
I recently joined Facebook and I think that will help me a lot. I have caught up with people I haven’t talked to in a while. :). Stephanie is excited; she posted her countdown on her wall yesterday and it made me think.
Obviously, she wants to do this, so I need to be happy for her, but it is gonna be hard. 😦
It is going to be hard for Anna, too. She asked if she could not go because it would be so sad for her. Terry told her she needed to experience this with the whole family.
Something else has come up at the same time…our female guinea pig might be pregnant. Really?! Right now? Either she is getting fat or she is pregnant. I just hope she does not deliver the babies while we are gone.
It is hard to tell how far along she is and a guinea pig’s pregnancy lasts for a whole 2 months.
She has given birth before; that is how we found out that the other guinea pig was not a “she” but a “he”. The last time she gave birth, it did not go too well. We had driven to the Shenandoah area for tryouts for Steph. We drove down the night before and spent the night and got up early the next morning. It was my birthday, so we hung out in the area for the day and came home that night. What we found was really disturbing.
Evidently, when the babies are born, the father will eat them if not separated from them. Well, guess what? Layla, our girl guinea pig was lying in the corner and her babies were nearby-all dead-with wounds on them. I ran upstairs when I heard Anna crying and had no idea what to do.
In the middle of all this, my parents called, with a room full of them, my brother and his family. They sang “Happy Birthday” to me and could not figure out why I was not happy.
At least, this time, it won’t be anybody’s birthday but we will all be sad when we come home. If all goes well, we could be excited to have new babies in the house. That would definitely keep us busy.
God seems to be taking care of us in a way I did not think of.


Comments on: "Countdown To College Day 7" (3)

  1. Can you put the father in a separate cage while you’re gone, just in case?

  2. Also, have you tried Skype? It worked great for us when our kids were in China for a year. You can actually see the person you’re talking to, and it’s free!

  3. They are separated so I don’t think he can get to them.
    I do have Skype. Never used it to video chat.
    I didn’t want to make the post too long but I guess I’m worried about her delivering OK but since she has delivered before she might be OK.

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