This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

“…She had on several occasions asked me to read about the murders. She seemed afraid of someone, but she did not express fear of any particular individual except when she rowed with me, but we always came to terms quickly.”
Statement made by Joseph Barnett at the inquest of Mary Kelly after her murder. He had a relationship with her and lived with her until a few days before she was murdered.
Quote taken from “Prisoner 1167: The Madman Who Was Jack The Ripper”, written by James Tully


Comments on: "Jack the Ripper Fact-Fridays" (2)

  1. Someone was up early, blogging this morning! I always enjoy your Ripper posts….fascinating mystery.

    I hope your trip to Florida is going well. I prayed for you this morning. :0)

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