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Lagging In Posting

I know it’s been a while since I have posted on here. Terry and I have been sick with what we suspect is food poisoning. It hasn’t been fun. Something else happened this week, making things around here kind of crazy. Here’s why:




Thursday morning, I came into Anna’s room, where we had Layla separated from Nibbles, the father. Anna had her set up in a drawer, which she didn’t seem to mind. We had bought a basket that could double as an igloo and Layla liked to sleep under it.
Layla made the little rumbling noise that guinea pigs make when they are scared. She would made it every time I entered the room, so at first, I thought things were the same. When I lifted up the basket, I thought she was still pregnant because it was dark but then I saw movement. I looked closer and saw three babies poking out from under her.
“Oh, Layla,” I said.
She looked at me like, “Please don’t hurt my babies.”
Layla had the babies sometime during the night, which happens a lot. She had already cleaned them off, so we missed that part. One baby was dead-it looked as though it was not fully developed. That is all right because we still have three healthy babies that Layla is feeding and taking care of.
Those photos were taken a few hours after we discovered the babies, so they were still in their first day of life. Guinea pig babies are born with eyes open, fur, teeth and the ability to walk. They follow her everywhere. One always lags behind, the runt, I think. The second day, it kept getting separated from it’s mother and would start squeaking really loud. Sometimes, Anna, my daughter, would pick it up and put it back in line with the others. They actually move in a single-file line. It is so cute!
So, please forgive the lagging in posting. Having babies is truly life-changing.


Comments on: "Lagging In Posting" (2)

  1. They’re so cute! I hope you’re both feeling better!

  2. Thank you. I think they are but I’m partial. Thanks, we seem to be at the tail end of it.

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