This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

One of the theories as to why Jack the Ripper suspect, Montague John Druitt was fired from his job at the school for boys is that he was a homosexual and took part in some inappropriate behavior with one of the boys at the school. Back then, it was not talked about out loud and if this information were to get out, his reputation would be ruined. This could be one explanation for his suicide-possible shame and embarrassment if people were to find out.


Comments on: "Jack The Ripper Fact-Fridays" (4)

  1. I really enjoy you “Jack the Ripper” facts, and was even inspired to go to John’s website and do some reading. Fascinating topic….

    • Thanks, Jane. I can always count on you. Did you go to the site or is there another site that has info on John Druitt?

  2. Pedophiles make me so angry & the fact that it would be covered up to protect their reputation. It’s even worse when churches cover up this sort of stuff at church run schools. These low life’s deserve all they get when the truth comes out.

  3. I agree. Just imagine how bad it was back then. You didn’t talk about that kind of thing out loud.

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