This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

October Fact A Day

After years of fearing a mummy’s curse, scientists have discovered that the body releases gases after death. If that body is inside a tomb, even if it is mummified, the gases will be released and trapped inside the tomb. If the tomb is opened, for instance King Tut’s, those gases will be released into the air and those who are around the mummy will inhale those gases, which are toxic, killing them. As for the man who died in the car accident after opening King Tut’s tomb, I have no explanation for that.


Comments on: "October Fact A Day" (2)

  1. Scientists always ruin a good mystery. It was more intriguing when we thought it was a curse.

  2. Sorry to ruin it for you, Tony. Thanks for stopping by.

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