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5 minute friday-remember

It’s been a while since I have participated in this but today, I wanted to get back to it. I’ve kind of been a mess since my daughter left for college and I can’t talk about that (especially since I am sitting in a car shop right now).anyway, on Friday, I join a woman in South Africa named Lisa-Jo, in a fun little writing exercise, with no editing, no stopping and checking to see if you said that right. Today’s prompt is: remember
It’s hard to believe that on September 1, you blessed our lives with your tiny bodies and serious cuteness. Two months ago, I entered my daughter’s room in the dark, as I had every day and finally saw you in the drawer that we set your mom in to have a quiet place to give birth. My husband was out of town but I dealt with this situation with excitement, feeling like every morning it’s Christmas morning, checking to see if you were born yet.
That morning, your sweet, little guinea pig faces peeked out from underneath your beautiful mother’s shiny black coat. Your eyes were opened and calm, your bodies were covered with black fur, like your mother and brown stripes, like your father. You were perfect! We have loved every second of your life with us.




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