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Stress: A Biblical View

The sources of stress:
Matt. 6:25
Luke 10:41-42
Some stress is self-imposed. The idea of imagining trouble when you don’t know what will happen.
Matt. 6:34-“Do not be anxious about tomorrow. Will take care of itself, each day has its own trouble.
vs 25-34-Jesus is teaching about an action-worry. Worry is the action and stress is the outcome. It may not be healthy, but is common to have stress.
Do we have modern stress?
Was life easier 100 years ago or last few 100 years. In Bible times?
They had stress, too. Water-source-well or stream-had to fetch it-it could go bad-daily-for hot water-build a fire
Farming-water-pests-weather-illness-could lead to serious illness and even death
Keys to managing stress
-A relationship with God as Creator and Father-helps us to cope
-The right priorities-seek first Kingdom-when we zone in on God and His kingdom-it releases us from our stress
-Realizing your limits in ability and time
What about modern stress?
Unique stresses to modern living
-Social isolation -you can fill up your car, get groceries without communicating with one human being
we are not near family, to get to burial places of grandparents
We are social creatures, can create anxiety, despair
-Barriers to nature-live in man-made
-Moral relativism-decide for yourself what is right-last 150 years-like traveling without landmarks-when you remove the truth that there is right and wrong-like a fog
-fast pace of information

Bible’s answer to modern stress:
Fellowship with God and His people

Look to the created world

Learn the unchangeable truth already revealed


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  1. Great post! I’m keeping this one in my email so I find it easily when I want to refer back to it. :0)

  2. Aww, that’s so sweet! Thanks Jane.

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