This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

I haven’t posted in the “weirdness” category in a long time and I have weird dreams all of the time. I seems to have most of my dreams in the morning and this morning’s one was awesome! It started because I got a call from my daughter, last night, from the college outside of Tampa,Florida.
I dreamed I was still in college there-because I did go to college there for a year-and there was an old, antebellum home on the campus. Someone told me that whoever could clean out the house could have it. HAVE IT. Doesn’t that remind you of some of the fairy tales, where the king says that whoever can solve his problem gets a huge title or his daughter, or something?
No one else volunteered, so I jumped at the chance. Yeah! The house was fully furnished with antique furniture. I’m not aware that I want antique furniture but in the dream I loved it. Maybe it was just the whole idea but the rooms were huge and the beds were huge, too. Bedspreads were on the beds, with throw pillows.
I hesitated about doing it and went in there several times, only to come out not sure if I should do it. Then, I ran into Terry, who was my husband in the dream because I didn’t seem to be in college anymore. I showed him the house and he liked it. Then, I decided to do it.
I went right to work and started in the what I decided was going to be the guest bedroom. The bedspread was white and something about that really attracted me to it. I started finding things in the drawers of the nightstand and chest of drawers. These were things that I was wondering if the previous owner meant to leave behind. It looked like some sewing she had done, pictures of grand kids. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I kept moving from room to room, even though finding things I would think the previous owner would want to take.
The bedroom that I decided would be our room had wood floors. It was huge and I kept thinking that I would want to dance with Terry on these floors. I thought about it until I started dancing around the room, pretending I was wearing an antebellum gown. I was having the time of my life until I got dizzy and started falling over from dizziness.
I moved to another room, i think it was the living room, and again found things the previous owner must have left.
I went outside and looked at the beach, which in real life, is not in Tampa. The idea of eating breakfast every morning by the beach was marvelous. But I turned to the other side and saw people sitting at the two tables that were on the porch. Evidently, during the day, it is public property. Weird. On another side was part of the campus and I would have to look at that, too every morning. The thing is, I was kicked out of this college and was not sure if I could handle seeing the dorms every morning. that was a big decision to make.
Then, the previous owner came in. She was an old woman, obviously not 2 or 3 hundred years old, which brings in weirdness, like with Terry, time seemed blurred. One minute I’m in college, the next, I’m grown and married to my husband. The house is antebellum but the owner is probably around 80 years old. She was little and hunched over, cute and so sweet-I figured out she was the owner pretty quickly.
She mentioned she wanted to pick up a few things she forgot about and I felt relieved. I started telling her about the things I found. She sounded interested but went to other rooms, first. These were rooms I had not been in yet, so I followed her and watched her with her things. She seemed to love them but be done with the house. She seemed relieved upon meeting me, I guess she was glad some greedy loser wasn’t going to move into her house. I really liked her and started talking to her about her life in the house-“You must have been so happy here!”
“With the bedroom being so big and those wood floors, you must have danced in your room with your husband many times.”
She laughed and said, “Yes.”
She looked very happy as she remembered the times but very tired, too.
People found out about my cleaning up the house and came to see it. The house was filling up with people and it felt great. I could see what it was going to look like when we had people over and I loved it. People were dancing in one room, playing the organ in another, talking in others. Even the Walton’s showed up. This is a dream and categorized under “weirdness”, so there’s some more weirdness for you. I saw Erin Walton over by the room that had the bay window. It was no longer day and night was setting in. The sounds in the house were getting louder and louder and I loved it.
“John Boy,” Erin said in an ugly tone you save for your siblings, “Where are you?”
I heard him answer, “John Boy is by the moon.”
I could tell he was in the room with the bay window, which opened up onto a porch or a terrace, or something. When I was a kid, I had a thing for John Boy-he was cute, he had that poor mole, he was a writer, who loved to write and was faithful at it. So, when I heard him say that, and thought of the moonlight on his face, I thought, “I’ve gotta see this!”
I didn’t make it over because I ran into some other people I knew and saw the previous owner talking with visitors that seemed to have come to see her. I enjoyed watching it but at the same time, wished it was still just she and I. Isn’t that weird? It’s like I was jealous of her old friends.
I also think I didn’t go over to the porch, or whatever it was because I was hesitating…again.
This was the third time in my dream that I hesitated before doing something I wanted to do. I think it is a message to me. I do hesitate. I do want someone to nudge me on, when I could be happy going on my own. I guess I am afraid and want that reassurance that it’s going to be OK if I go ahead and do it.
It did take about 3 years for Terry’s friend, John Pozadzides to talk me into starting this blog because I was afraid to take that step. He also encouraged Terry and I to move out of the townhouse we were renting and, what he called, “take the plunge” and buy a house. Well, we couldn’t afford a house in Northern Virginia but we did buy a townhouse outside of Leesburg, where we were living about 4 years ago, and moved north into the country of Lucketts, Virginia. That year, Loudoun County, where we live, was the fastest growing county in the nation. Leesburg was filling up with houses and people and was no longer a quiet, peaceful town.
So, if you’re ever driving through Virginia, on highway 15, going north, and pass through Leesburg, 10 to 15 minutes later, you will pass a bunch of antique stores and pass Lucketts Road, by the fire house, community center, and Lucketts Elementary. A few miles down that road and a few turns later, you will see the neighborhood where we live and the beautiful townhouses and houses there and wonder why in the world would I want to live in an antebellum home when I have the home I have now.


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