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5 minute friday-Trust

Whew! I’m late posting this, but I still wanted to get it in for today. On Fridays, I join a woman named Lisa Jo, who’s in South Africa, if I remember correctly, for a little thing she likes to call 5 minute friday. You basically write for 5 minutes without stopping to edit or check if it’s right. She gives a prompt, and whoever wants can link up to her blog through her Linky tool. That means YOU!! :). Anyone can join. I’ve never even met the woman and I join her whenever I can. If you don’t know how, just put your post in my comments box and I’ll send it to her. You meet lots of nice people-partly because she asks you to read the post before yours and leave nice thoughts. Last week, I had about 7 comments from other 5 minute friday participants. It was so fun, I wanted to do it again. So here goes…
We have 6 guinea pigs. 3 we bought and 3 we got by accident, when boys got together with girls-once when we thought we had 2 girls. They are very shy animals and you have to gain their trust. For the most part, I’ve gained theirs. I love it when I walk upstairs to the playroom, where their cages are. When I hit the top step, a chorus of wheeks begins. I wave my hand and excitedly say,”Hello!!! Hello!!! Hello!!!”
It is so fun. I love it.
They know that I will not hurt them and I am most likely going to give them some food, or I have brought a fruit or vegetable from the refrigerator for them to eat. I spot clean their cages sometimes, even though I don’t have to. They like to have a clean cage, even though it doesn’t look like it. They just can’t clean it themselves. They also know that I am going to refill their water bottles, too-something my daughter is supposed to do but forgets to do. They like it when I talk to them, they know when I am, even if I’m not standing right in front of them. Weird, huh? I could be standing in front of one guinea pig and talking to one two cages down and it will know.
Man! I wanted to say more but I am out of time. It feels like I am stopping in the middle of a sentence. Oh well!
Now, if you want to join, you still have several hours before your time is up. I would be thrilled to have you join me in talking about trust.



Comments on: "5 minute friday-Trust" (4)

  1. I’ve never had a pet Guinea Pig but I think they’re really cute. I was horrified once when I saw a documentary in Sth America somewhere, possibly Argentina but I’m not completely sure. The used Guinea Pigs for food. They are too cute to eat.

  2. Hi Holly,

    Glad you were able to get the A-Z challenge button on your blog…it looks great and your husband is very clever with the wording at the top…I love it and I’m jealous I didn’t think of that!! lol

    Your 5 minute Friday post is really nice…I’m an animal lover too. We’ve never owned guinea pigs but I always have thought they were really cute. It’s amazing how intelligent all animals are, I think they’re much smarter than many people ever give them credit for. we have two cats and they are spoiled beyond belief…just the way it should be. 🙂

    I’m going to be a regular visitor, I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m now going to read some of your info on Jack the Ripper.


    • Thank you so much, Monica, for visiting my blog. I appreciated your help getting my button up. I got the inspiration to type text above it from you. :). My husband is in sales and he’s good at that stuff.
      I am not normally an animal lover, but the piggies wrapped me around their paws. Consequently, I am getting more comfortable around animals. If it weren’t for my daughter’s love for them, I wouldn’t even be coming to love them. Weird, huh?
      I hope you enjoy my Jack the Ripper facts. I can never tell who’s gonna like them or not. 🙂

  3. Thanks for reading and your comment. Yeah, they do eat them in S America. I can’t believe that. I think they are cute, too.

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