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5 minute friday-Delight

It’s Friday! Did you make it? If you’re here, I guess you did. Good for you. On Fridays, I join a woman in South Africa, named Lisa Jo and she does a not-so-little thing she likes to call “5 minute friday”. The rules are simple: write for 5 minutes, no stopping, no editing, no checking to see if it’s just right (although, I catch myself doing it every time). Then, link your post to hers at If you don’t have a blog, it’s ok. Just type your 5 minutes in her comment box. Finally, click on the post before yours and leave some nice words. There you have it! It’s that simple. I would be thrilled to have you put your post in my comment box and I’ll link it for you. Anyway, I would enjoy anybody doing this with me.
Today, the prompt is:


I did have a delightful Valentine’s Day. Terry was still trying to find a nice place to go for dinner and I finally said, “Let’s just go somewhere cheaper and maybe we can get in”. I love Mexican food and suggested Baja Fresh, a little place that was not crowded. We managed to get there before the crowd. We kind of went casual, which was relaxing and nice. I was delighted to get out of the house and put on make-up and jewelry. It felt nice. It was delightful to sit with Terry and enjoy a good dinner. Afterward, we went to the mall and walked around, getting chocolate for me and coffee for him. My favorite and his favorite.


Comments on: "5 minute friday-Delight" (12)

  1. I wrote about Valentine’s Day too – and also had a DELIGHTFUL one!

  2. so glad the day was so nice for you! It is really nice sometimes for a reason to get dressed nice, or a reason to slap on a pair of earings??

    • Yes, it is. Thank you. I love to go out. Even on Valentine’s Day, I was happy just to do something small.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back any time. I saw your comment last night; hope it’s ok that I waited until morning to reply. 🙂

  3. Oh you make me miss Baja Fresh! My town doesn’t have one but used to live close. My favorite story was the first time we went and the place was packed, my 2yr saw their big fish tank and he hollered, “Oh SH- -!” The poor kid, really DID mean fish but the thirty or so people there didn’t know that! Guess that’s your anti-delight as a mother. Hehe.

    • Really? Where did you live? We didn’t have one in Texas but started going after we moved up to Virginia. The cheese on their taquitos reminds me of a little place we used to go, in Texas, called ZuZu’s. I love that cheese!
      Sorry your little one embarrassed you. Our oldest did that plenty of times when she was little. The fun part about that is when they get to be teenagers, you can embarrass them, and it is sooo easy.

  4. Great post, sometimes the little things, like being able to get into a restaurant without a reservation, or long wait. You reminded me of a time my husband and I did something similar, thanks, I love those little memories. 🙂 Glad you now have one for yourself. ~Nita

    • Yeah, it can be nice sometimes; instead of waiting in line for an hour or more or getting a reservation at 8:00. I would have been passed out by then.
      I recognized your name, too. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again.
      Btw, my great-aunt used to quilt and she even had a shop. She didn’t want people to stop doing it.

  5. (linked up at gypsymama also)

    I love how Jesus makes simplicity beautiful~

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