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5 minute friday: Empty

Hey, y’all! I hope you had a good week. I know I certainly did and my oldest child is coming through town, on her chorus tour, and is spending one night at home (along with 3 other girls). I’m so excited!
Anyway, on Fridays, we write for 5 minutes, no stopping, no checking. We join up with the gypsy mama and add to her linky page. The prompt for today is: Empty
I pass by the empty bed several times, today. I have no desire to climb into it. On this new medecine and new cleaning plan, I feel more refreshed and ready to take on my tasks.
I have accomplished much around the house, this week, and had no idea it would feel so much better to walk around in a cleaner house. It even inspires me to clean more. I feel better. I think better. I am better.
I have also spent the week, trying to read a chapter of the Bible, with breakfast. It puts my head in the right frame and gets me ready for the day.
My husband and I are going out tonight, and I don’t have to deal with guilt of deserving it. I have done so much work, I know I do, and can be excited about it.
Your turn. What can you say about your life, with the “empty” prompt?


Comments on: "5 minute friday: Empty" (2)

  1. Glad your medicine is making you feel better. Empty??? Don’t know but the garbage truck came by a while ago while I was getting my lunch ready for work so the garbage & recycling bins are empty now. My coffee cup is half empty & with the cost of living my bank account is nearly empty too.

    • That’s good! Just make sure your head isn’t empty. I found some marbles on the floor and I hope they’re not yours.

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