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5 minute friday-Gift

Welcome to 5 minute friday, where we go to South Africa, through the blogosphere to join The Gypsy Mama to write for 5 whole minutes. We don’t worry about getting it just right. We just type to our little heart’s content.
Today’s word is :Gift.
I was a gift to my parents. They had lost many babies and wanted one that would live. They got one. Now, I have three gifts: my patient husband (and believe me, it takes patience to live with me), my sweet Stephanie and my sweet Anna. What do I say about them. I didn’t do anything special to receive them. God just saw fit to reward me with them.
I often am speechless when someone compliments me on what good children I have. And when I see them engage in a conversation with a grown-up, I am proud. That’s where the real test comes in-when they interact with adults not part of the family.
Now it’s your turn. What gifts have you been given? What gifts have you given? Tell me. Really. I want to know.


Comments on: "5 minute friday-Gift" (2)

  1. My wife Michelle is my precious gift & our 2 doggies Angus & Dixie.

    • Awww! Does she know you said that? I’ll tell her if you want. That’s so sweet!
      And I won’t tell your kids that you didn’t mention them. Oops, this is the Internet isn’t it?😜

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