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A Is For Appetite

Welcome, one and all, to the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge! Are you as excited as I am? My challenge, and yours, if you signed up, (if not, there’s always next year), is to blog every day this month using topics that start with the letter that corresponds to the day, with the exclusion of Sundays. Since this is April 1st, the challenge begins today and will be the only Sunday that applies. The letter for today is A. Should you choose to accept this challenge, you will receive a badge at the end of the month that you can display on your site.

The rules page suggested choosing a topic to blog about all month and I hinted that I had chosen a topic but would not reveal it until the first day. Today is the first day, so I will now reveal my topic. Drum roll, please. Drrrrlllllllllllllll! And my topic is: Guinea Pigs!!!!!
If you do not like guinea pigs, I’m so sorry. You will not enjoy reading these posts but if you do like animals or guinea pigs-good for you!!! I hope to make this month of blogging entertaining and fun, with pictures and videos that I have filmed myself, or someone else in my family has filmed; therefore, I give myself permission to post the videos on this site.
I am also working on another page to add to my site, which is a guinea pig family tree that I have made. That way, when I mention certain piggies, you can refer to the tree and see who I am talking about. OK, enough with the introduction. Let’s get on with it!
A is for Appetite:
Guinea pigs have a voracious appetite. They eat regular meals but they also graze during the day. They eat guinea pig food-pellets, hay, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, I even take them outside for grass, but that is another day’s post. The pellets provide some of their nutrients and we feed them to the piggies once or twice a day. They can have an endless supply of hay and eat to their heart’s desire because it provides their fiber and helps flush their digestive system. The hay makes them thirsty, so they drink their water throughout the day to keep themselves hydrated.
As I mentioned, they can have fruits and vegetables, which makes it great, when the food in the fridge is starting to get old. We can just give it to the piggies instead of throwing it out. They cannot eat all fruits and vegetables out there but they are able to eat a wide variety of them. Theo loves apples, Layla loves lettuce, Herbie loves red bell pepper, Nibbles loves celery, just to name a few. They can also have kale, banana, carrots, oranges, broccoli, arugula, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, parsley and clementines, among others. The fruits and veggies provide their Vitamin C, which is essential in their diet. I used to try to limit the amount of food they had, fearing they would get fat and unhealthy but given the chance to exercise, they work it off. I have also noticed that the more food they have, the happier they are. Wow, that’s just like us, isn’t it?
Well, that’s it for today. Join me tomorrow and find out what “bullies” have to do with guinea pigs, with a couple of pictures of Taylor, one of our six guinea pigs. See you then.



Comments on: "A Is For Appetite" (7)

  1. Wish you good … with this adventure – still thinking about it *smile

  2. I didn’t realise that they ate such a wide variety. I had to Google arugula as I’d never heard of it, we call it Rocket. My sister’s kids had a horde of Piggies when they were young. I used to love the squeaky noise they made. I am left wondering how you are going to work the letter Z into your GP theme. Do they have GP at the Zoo???

    • I didn’t know Arugala was called Rocket in Australia.
      I love the sound they make, too. It’s called “wheeking” or something.
      You will have to wait until I get to Z to find out.

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