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D Is For Drr

Drr is a sound guinea pigs make when they are startled by something. In fact, this morning, Anna had just helped me chase down Taylor, so I could hold her, and she had handed her to me. Anna had stepped inside Taylor’s cage in order to catch her because it is easier that way, sometimes. She was going to step out of the cage, when she stepped on Taylor’s hidey house, made of plastic parts that interlock. The house came unlocked and made a loud sound as the parts hit the floor of her cage. She shook and made the drr sound. It is very similar to the purring sound they make but I think you have to look at the situation-whether it is calm and you are petting the piggy, or if a loud sound has just been made. In this case, a loud sound had just been made.
I think the tone of the two sounds is different but I would have to hear the two to be able to tell. Anyway, one day, I had Taylor in a chair as I was sitting at the table, working on my blog. I was typing on the iPad, itself, and it makes a sound with every key that is hit. Every few keys I hit, she would make the drr sound. I finally plugged in my keyboard and used it, so as not to scare her so much. She quit making the sound.
They always shake when they make the sound but they also shake when they make the purring sound but that shaking is kind of like a vibrating motion. Yet again, the two sounds and movements are very similar.
I am doing another post on purring, so I will have a video of one of the piggies purring and vibrating, so you can see it. It is a little bit like a cat but more dramatic.
Well, that’s it for tonight. Tune in tomorrow to find out what in the world you can do to entertain a piggy and help keep him or her healthy.


Comments on: "D Is For Drr" (3)

  1. You are doing a great job with your challenge based on your “pigs”. They are adorable and reading your post of course make think about my two. When the mother died – the blind daughter where “screaming” about 1,5 day and then she died too. From broken heart – terrible sad.

    • thank you, Viveka. Oh, that’s so sad. I have read that they are social creatures and that’s why we bought Theo-to be a cage mate for Nibbles. They didn’t get along, but Theo gets along with the baby. We think Theo is the dad.

  2. Nice post! I came across your blog via the A-Z Challenge. I now follow you and would love for you to check out my blog over at

    Thanks and good luck with the A-Z Challenge!

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