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E Is For Exercise

Guinea pigs need regular exercise, just like other animals, and I let them out of the cage to run around. The problem is, I have to clean the carpet soon after. I haven’t managed to train them to go to the bathroom only in their cage.
Nibbles, while still in the same cage with Layla, used to run laps, galloping up and down a short hall off of the playroom. Now, he just goes to Layla’s cage and tries to woo her. He does end up wandering around some. The others love to run around on the floor. I can only have girls out or boys out because they will mate if I have them out together. That’s OK, though.
Below is a video of Layla and Taylor, when she was just a few months old, running around the room. Taylor is galloping and jumping in some of it. She is squeaking because she is having fun.
I apologize beforehand, I did not think to clean the cages before filming this video, so you might see guinea pig droppings around. Anyway, here we go.


Comments on: "E Is For Exercise" (12)

  1. That’s one speedy fella! I loved your video 🙂 I agree with you totally, exercise is very crucial to the wellbeing of any creature!

    Hello, stopping by from A-Z Challenge!
    English Speaking Zone

  2. They have a good home … with you. Mine was running around in my flat too .. but they where trained or had trained them self. Liked the video !!!

  3. They definitely do gallop its funny to watch, didn’t know they were going to be so big!

  4. My roommate at university had a hamster. She let it run around in an exercise ball. 😀

  5. Boy they sure get a gallop up. I didn’t realise they could run so fast.

    • Neither did I. Taylor really likes to run around. The piggies can’t right now, because we have ants on the top floor and had to put ant bait against the walls.
      Plus, I haven’t figured out a way to let them run around without them staining the carpet.

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