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F Is For Fruit

The good thing about feeding food from the refrigerator to your guinea pigs is if it is is no longer fresh you can feed it to them before it goes bad. You can also feed them the parts that you would normally throw away. We can feed them the heads of strawberries along with the rest of the strawberry. The girls love strawberries. I fed the piggies some grape tomatoes and the boys seemed to like it better than the girls, with the exception of Nibbles. He rolled it around but did not eat it. Layla looked up at me like, “OK, what else you got?”
As I had mentioned before, Theo loves apples. He eats them like he has been starved of food for several days.
You have to feed them fruit in moderation, though. Too much sugar is bad for them and for us all.
I apologize for not having pictures, today. I have felt bad today but wanted to get this post in.
Tomorrow’s post will be better. See you then, when we discuss the letter “g”.


Comments on: "F Is For Fruit" (4)

  1. Maybe Nibbles thought it was a ball?
    Hope you’re having fun with the Challenge!

  2. Angus & Dixie like fruit too. I just shared a nice juicy plum with Angus. Dixie missed out ‘cos she is in bed asleep

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