This site will feature Bible-based articles some days, silly posts and quotes at least twice a week and facts about Jack the Ripper-to begin with.

I subscribe to this blog and especially enjoyed her post today. So true!

Ramblings of a Ragamuffin Child

But they urged him strongly,

“Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over.”

So he went in to stay with them (Luke 24:29).


lost in soul-darkness

stumbling in hope-numbed grief

blinded in heart

they walk beside Light and cannot see

how patiently He tugs away the blindfolds

opens their hearts


their vision still

unknowing they reach

stay with us

unconsciously pleading

until they see His hands

and run

blinded by glory

stumbling in fervent joy

lost in soul-delight

come back to life


so we pray

hearts bowed

tears falling

pleading alone

Lord stay with us

we feel the darkness heavy


wrap around suffocating

we do not see the hands

reaching out

to tug away our sorrow

we stumble unseeing to our feet


and walk away


stay with us

keep pace with our wanderings

let us see

make us see

lift the…

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  1. Thanks, Holly! I’m flattered. 🙂 and of course, I’m glad you appreciate the deeper meaning, something I wasn’t sure I got across….

  2. And of course, these are the disciples that Jesus walked with on their way from Jerusalem to Emmaeus. He explained the scriptures to them of his crucifixion and resurrection. When He broke and blessed the bread in their presence, they recognized Him and He disappeared. Thank you for reminding all of us of that important event. Best regards to you. Ruby

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