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You’ve seen the photo above-Layla’s babies-the one on the front right, with the stripe on her head, is Meatball or Sweetpea. We think she was the runt of the babies.
She first was named Meatball because she and Taylor were always huddled together for warmth, as babies sometimes do. So naturally, they were Spaghetti and Meatball. Anna and her friends named them but changed Taylor’s name. Meatball remained the same.
We have a family, who we are friends with at church, who kept Layla and Nibbles for us for a week. We went to take our daughter to college and left our piggies in good hands, since this family has owned piggies before.
When we returned, I offered to give one of the babies to them, when they were born. My friend became very excited and requested “the runt” when they were born.
Meatball seemed to be last in line for everything-food, the water bottle but she always waited patiently for her turn.
I had the privilege to keep her over Thanksgiving break while their family went out of town and Meatball was just as she could be. She was definitely the smallest out of the three.
I have been told and witnessed for myself, that she is happy with them. They take her outside every day that it is warm enough for grass. She eats to her heart’s content. Her cage has a top on it, which lifts off for easy access. They put bricks on it to make sure no predators can get to her.
We went over to their house about a month ago and brought Speckles with us. I was excited because I thought they would get along but Speckles did not seem too happy because her ears were flat against her head, when Sweetpea’s were up and interested. Oh well!
She goes by Sweetpea, now, which fits her perfectly. I cannot describe how sweet she is. It’s so good to know that she went to a good home and that we are friends with her new owners. Now, if we can just find a home for Theo and Herbie…


These two pictures were taken the day before we gave Sweetpea away. She was about eight weeks then.


Comments on: "M Is For Meatball (Sweetpea)" (5)

  1. Absolutely adorable. Like the names Meatball and Spaghetti. Sweetpee, great name too.

  2. I like your blog MIstress 4hollyg. Have I said that already? Your piggies are cute. I like visiting them. I hope you find good homes for Theo and Herbie soon. I was homeless once. I know how it feels. Although I have forgotten how it feels as it was so long ago now.
    Victor xx

    • Aww, thank you, sweet Victor. For now, Theo and Herbie have homes with us. It may end up staying that way. Who knows?
      Thanks for you’re comment.

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