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My friend, who now owns Meatball, told me that I could take the piggies outside for grass, that they love grass. I tried it and boy, she was right! They loved it. Whenever it is warm enough, or not too hot, I take them outside for grass. I bought a pet playpen to use outside, to keep them from running off. They munch away, totally contented.
Yesterday, it was nice outside, so I took them out. I have to take them out separately or I will have more guinea pigs in a couple of months. I took the boys out first and they enjoyed the sun. It was really windy, so they avoided the wind, hiding in the carrier that I brought them out in.
When I took the girls out, they seemed to do the same; until Anna came home from school. She removed their hiding place and rearranged the playpen, to see what the girls would do. We even brought Speckles out to see if she could get along with Taylor but Taylor picked on her. Anna rearranged the playpen so Taylor could not get to Speckles.

Here is some pictures from yesterday:











Comments on: "O Is For Outside For Grass!!!" (2)

  1. Love the carrier bags you have to them … I love grass under my feet’s too.

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