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P Is For Popcorning

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter “P” and the number “18”.
Guinea pigs have a thing they do when they are happy, that looks like a seizure. It is called “popcorning” and it is a mixture of shakes, jumping, twitches and making a little sound. Baby guinea pigs do it often and as they get older, they do it less and less.
The first time I saw Nibbles popcorn, I had approached his cage and was talking to him in my baby voice that I use. We had not owned him and Layla very long and I called Anna over to the cage and said, “I think there’s something wrong with him.”
Anna looked and said, “Oh, he’s popcorning. He’s happy.”
Nibbles was twitching and jumped up in the air a couple of times. Boy, was I relieved to hear her explanation of popcorning because seeing it for the first time-you might think they are having a seizure.
In the video of Taylor running around that I posted on the day of “E” is for Exercise, she does popcorn a little bit. She stops and jumps into the air and continues running.
At least now that I know what it means, I can be happy when I see it.
Now that I think about it, Layla popcorned once, when she was pregnant after Anna put a scarf on her head. You never know what will make them break out into song and dance but it’s cute to see.
Tune in tomorrow, to find out more about the mating process and watch a video of Nibbles demonstrating something that starts with the letter, “R”.


Comments on: "P Is For Popcorning" (7)

  1. Popcorning … never heard about and I can’t remember mine did that .. maybe they did. Very interesting.

  2. My Molly must be a very happy pig, as at the grand old age of 5 (we think – this is her second home) she popcorns round on a daily basis. She started doing it as soon as we moved her to an indoor cage. Cute blog, I love guinea pigtures! Best wishes 🙂

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