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R Is For Rumblestrut

Welcome to day 20 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Today’s letter is “R” and that stands for Rumblestrut.  Rumblestrutting is when a guinea pig wants to woo one of the opposite sex and it sways it’s hips, walking slowly in front of the other.  The piggie is hoping this will result in mating.  Nibbles does it all the time to the girls, when I let him out of the cage to run around.

A guinea pig will also do this to let the other know that he or she is the boss.  As I mentioned before, guinea pigs have a hierarchy that they constantly follow. Layla does this to Taylor, sometimes.  When she weaned her babies from her milk, she began to rumblestrut to let them know she was in charge.

When we introduced Theo to Herbie, Theo did it to tell him who the boss is.  They do it until the other piggie gets the idea, then they do it every so often to remind them.

have a video of Nibbles rumblestrutting in front of Layla, TAylor and Speckles but poor, Nibbles, Speckles was more interested in getting a drink at the moment.


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  1. Love watching your … small videos.

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