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S Is For Speckles

That is a photo of Speckles with her baby, Herbie, before he was weaned. Speckles is Anna’s favorite of Layla’s babies. Anna named her Speckles because of the speckles on her face. She is very sweet.
If I let her out of her cage while I clean it, she walks over my feet. I love it! She runs around for a while and comes back to see if I am finished. When we come up to her cage, she gets up on her hind legs for a few seconds while holding onto the bars with her front paws. She’s so sweet!
She was a very good mother to Herbie when he was born. She was very protective of him and fed him every few hours.
Here are a few pictures of Speckles being cool and cute-ideas from Anna-







Comments on: "S Is For Speckles" (8)

  1. They are so adorable and cute …. Passion and love for them is so massive … so wonderful to take part of.

  2. Love the guitar playing photo of Speckles. The baby is such a cutie pie

  3. Speckles is certainly very cute. Adorable photos. She seems to like to pose for the camera. wordpress & my gmail account are at war, so I have to sign in using twitter. My blog is

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