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Hey, y’all! I am surviving another day of this challenge and it is almost over. I was going to talk about piggies wheeking when they are fed but I could not get a good video of them doing it.
Instead, I’m spending a little time talking about Nibbles, my favorite out of the bunch. He has something wrong with him and I’m not sure if it is his teeth or a respiratory infection.
He breathes heavy and is not eating much. He gets excited at feeding time but doesn’t eat as much as the other piggies. When I held him, the other day, I noticed that the hair under his chin was sticky, like it had been wet and had since dried. That can be a sign of drooling, I think. If his teeth are overgrown, he could be drooling from that.
He also has a stuffy nose but no coughing or sneezing. Maybe it’s from breathing with his mouth open. Tonight, he looks scared to be handled. It’s like he knows he needs treatment and is afraid. Who knows?
I have read all kinds of terrible stories on the Internet about piggies having tooth problems and dying from complications or from the anesthetic if a procedure has to be done. If his teeth need to be filed they will knock him out for that.
I am taking to a different vet tomorrow than I usually take him to, one that is in Fairfax and specializes in exotic pets-which is what Nibbles is. I just hope it doesn’t cost too much and that it doesn’t end up harming him worse. I only want him to be rid of this once and for all-it’s been going on for months-with 2 trips to the vet already.



Comments on: "W Is For What’s Wrong With Nibbles?" (4)

  1. Poor little thing … I hope he problems/sickness isn’t that fears as you think. Good luck to you, both …

    • Thanks, Viveka. I had trouble sleeping last night when our bedroom door opened by itself and I got up to see about it. When I looked, no one was there but it moved back and forth by itself again. Then, I was wide awake and did some reading on the Internet.
      I found out that recurring respiratory infections may actually be a sign of a heart problem, which is easy to treat. The problem is, some Vets don’t think piggies can have a heart problem. I’ll need to convince the Vet to take an x-ray or get an ultrasound done.
      This can also cause overgrown teeth because they lose their appetite and don’t eat as much-therefore, their teeth are not trimmed by the eating.
      It is all making sense now. It’s gonna be expensive but Nibbles is worth it to me and much more.

  2. Get Well Soon Nibbles

    • Nibbles says, “Thanks but I don’t want to have to take that yucky medicine. Mommy just doesn’t get it. I fight her with everything I have and she still gives it to me.”

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