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Welcome to the last lap of the 2012 Blogging Challenge.  If you read my post yesterday, you know that one or my guinea pigs, Nibbles is having trouble breathing.  Today, I took him to an exotic Vet about an hour away from where I live. I have taken him to a regular Vet twice and he just could not shake whatever is wrong with him.  Both times, they gave him an antibiotic and again today, this Vet gave him even more.

The Vet wants to treat for possible pneumonia and increase Nibbles’  Vitamin C intake.  I was under the impression that if you give a guinea pig fresh fruits or vegetables every day, that would count as enough Vitamin C.  Evidently not.  Now, I give him the vitamin for the rest of his life.  He’s gonna loooove that!

That means the other piggies need this dosage of Vitamin C, too.  Yay!  I was told not to put it in their water because it is not sufficient. You have to feed it by syringe.

Anyway, if by the end of seven days of treatment Nibbles is not better, I will need to call them back and they will do an X-Ray on him.  The Vet hesitated doing it today because Nibbles is feisty enough that he would need to be sedated. (And that is the Vet’s words.) With his breathing already compromised, he may not make it through the procedure.

A heart problem is a possibility and I asked the Vet about it and he said he would not rule that out.  He wanted to try a cheaper, easier way of treatment first.  Hopefully, it will stop whatever the problem is and Nibbles can get well.  We’ll see.


Comments on: "X Is For X-Ray But Not Today" (4)

  1. Wov … not the best kind of news – we never think about that is something had can happen to your pets too. Until it has happen. Sure the Vet will do what’s best and I hope that the vitamins will do some good to Nibbles.

  2. I really hope Nibbles comes right with the vitamin treatment. I’d hate to think it’s a heart problem.

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